About Us

Velpro specializes in the supply of optimal solutions in range of automated mailings services.

We are a supplier of machines and devices for mass mailing and office correspondeces, spare parts and consumables as well.

We provide support for public, finance and insurance institutions and as well as for a number of direct mailing companies - the big lettershops and small businesses, which are providing mass mailing personalized documents used for direct communications with clients.

Each company with preparing of mailing/letters is in the centre of our attention.

We also address our offer to all companies that want to expand their offer of mass shiping, pack their correspondence in a professional manner additionally increasing appearance of the envelope, printing the addresses, logos and variable advertising messages encouraging its opening.

We provide solutions bringing time and money savings by making your mail shipping more effective.

Our product range includes : digital printers, folding machines, inserting machines, wrapping machines, franking machines, addressing machines, letter openers, camera systems, labelling systems, feeders (rotary, shuttle, friction), cutters, un- and rewinder or another modules.

Our philosophy is to be focused on our Client - their needs and conditions, selecting and implementing the optimal solution and providing service car tailored to the Client.